Wednesday, August 3, 2016

My Interview In The Ricardian Chronicle--How My Romantic Comedy Time Travel FOR LOVE AND LOYALTY Was Created

After I wrote my first historical, THE JEWELS OF WARWICK, I was trying to decide who to write my next novel about. I joined the Richard III Society in 1992 after finding CROWN OF ROSES by Valerie Anand on the wrong shelf of the Cambridge library. I'm convinced it was waiting for me to pick it up. I read that book and became fascinated with Richard and his times. I wrote 3 novels featuring him, and walked in his footsteps in England. My time travel romance FOR LOVE AND LOYALTY has him coming to modern times and changing history. I wrote it as a comedy, but knew from the start it wasn't for everybody. In an interview in the new Ricardian Chronicle
the Society's American Branch newsletter, I tell the story behind FOR LOVE AND LOYALTY.

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