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4 Cups Review of my Comedy Time Travel from Coffee Time Romance

Rating: 4 cups
A comical frolic through five centuries of time, One Too Many Times is the journey of Richard and his king brothers (including King Edward IV) to the twenty-first century. Richard slips into the present with a protection spell gone awry just in time to land at a séance being held by a group trying to speak to his spirit.
Annie, a writer and historian, is breathless with surprise when she manages to not only raise Richard’s spirit but also her pulse when looking at his very real, very male body. Anyone can hold out for awhile against a charming man, but this man was the same king she has spent her life studying. How do you resist a little up-close research?
To set the history straight, the time traveling brothers sign on to a project to rewrite history, so to speak, by making a film about Richard as he truly was. But will he be that person again or choose to stay in the future with the lovely Annie and live a love that is timeless in the true sense of the phrase?
A richly written piece with flowing dialogue that shifts seamlessly from today to centuries ago, this story is multi-layered and well-formed. The blending of both historical fact and comedy makes this read fun and the spirited, bawdy humor of the Kings kept me smiling. Although the plotting and research were exceptional, the emotional depth could have been slightly more riveting but I found myself cheering the brothers and their ladyloves along. Full of imagination and unlimited possibility, this book touches on everything from UFO's to historical political maneuvering. And, if you can pluck the historical fact from fiction between giggling about the comical escapades, you even get to learn quite a bit about the time period.
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