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Trailer for A BLOODY GOOD CRUISE now on YouTube!

Click on the link below to get to the A BLOODY GOOD CRUISE trailer. Many thanks to my good friend, producer Brian Porter!

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Article About Small Presses vs. Big Houses in Cape Cod Women Magazine

Here is the actual link, but the article is below:

Small Presses vs. the "Big Houses" – Something for Everybody by Diana Rubino

Writing for a small press can be a stepping stone to a career leap – or it can be your entire career. Since no author can plan on a best-selling career with a big house, pitching to the small presses can be your ticket to publication.

The small independent publishers are much more willing to take chances on new writers and cultivate their talents. Sure, their bottom line is important, as it is to any for-profit business, but they don't have the time constraints the big houses have.

This gives their editors the luxury of taking more time to work with authors, and spend much more one-on-one time with them on technical details such as point of view, character consistency, and basic grammatical and style issues.

Small presses also accept unagented material, so authors can avoid the Catch-22 of not being able to land an agent because they've not yet established a track record.

Most likely, your small press book will be POD (print on demand), which means copies will be printed only when a customer orders one. It's up to the author to visit her local bookstores, and some stores will order a few dozen copies, arrange for a signing, have posters designed and give your books a valuable promotional push.

Since small presses run on tight budgets, the author must take the necessary time and funds to finance most promotion; i.e., costs of designing a website and keeping it current, ads in magazines such as Romantic Times, business cards, bookmarks and other giveaways, travel expenses to various conventions, etc.

I always like to inspire aspiring authors by telling my unique story: I received my first publishing contract 18 years after writing my first novel.

I believe it was my ninth written novel that became my "first novel" (the first that got published) with British publisher Domhan Books. At the time I signed my first contract, it was the fastest-growing publisher in the U.S.

My five-year tenure there earned me many rave reviews and a Romantic Times Top Pick award. Unfortunately, the owner suffered health problems and could no longer actively run the company.

I never gave up on my dream of that "big house" contract, but continued submitting to more small presses, eventually landing contracts with Dreams Unlimited, Stardust Press, Eternal Press, the Wild Rose Press, and Moongypsy Press, where I'm now Acquisitions Editor.

The small houses have been very good to me. I've cultivated a following, and the ads I run in Romantic Times and their reviews have brought me sales that I'm happy with. My editor at The Wild Rose Press, Laura Hogg, is the best editor I've ever worked with, and we've become friends and critique partners. She makes my work sparkle.

There's a lot of talent out there in the small press world, and I advise any aspiring author to submit to them, because they offer great opportunities to start your writing career on the right path.

A few caveats to look out for are the vanity presses, which require that authors pay to have their books published. Some writers decide to go this route and self-publish. Of course, some of these books eventually become best sellers. But make sure you choose a royalty-paying publisher if you don't wish to go the self-published route.

Moongypsy Press accepts nearly all genres, and we consider unagented material. Our guidelines are on the website. We're open to new and established authors, and have a very talented staff of editors. We pay royalties based on net sales, and do not ask authors to pay any publishing expenses.

Small presses have always been around, but with the miracle of the internet, many more are thriving, and authors have the choice of a great variety of outlets for their work, something for every taste. Some publishers specialize in certain genres. You need to do your research to find the best fit for your work.

Now that the Kindle and e-book readers have come down in price and their sales are increasing, e-book sales are exploding. E-books have been around since the 1990s, but never before have they been so popular. Look around on a commuter train and you'll see many passengers absorbed in their e-book readers.

With the outlets that small presses have to offer, so many more writers than ever before can now share their talents with the world, a world that seems to be shrinking more and more every day!

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First Drafts Should be FUN!

My favorite quote about first drafts:

“Let it be imperfect, messy, absurd, and insignificant. At the very beginning, the creative process requires lowered expectations, spiked with fun, in very tiny increments of time, in fractions of steps.”

My Agent's New Blog!

My agent Jewelann Cone of the Cascade Literary Agency,, has a new blog:
I'll be blogging there on Tuesday, and plan to engage in lively chat about writing, history, and anything else that jumps up and hits me! Join in and say hi!

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Play Word Play today at The Blood-Red Pencil

Play Word Play today at The Blood-Red Pencil. Today, use 'sleigh' 'slay' 'sleight' and 'slate' as many times as possible in a paragraph. Mine is below.
Leave an interactive comment at a blog which now has 900 followers - great for promo -
Short url:
Morgan Mandel

Strange coincidence, because I’m including a true life murder mystery in my work in progress, my novel about Aaron Burr.
In 1800, a young man named Levi Weeks, the brother of one of New York City’s most successful builders, took his fiancé, Elma Sands, for a sleigh ride. She was never seen again. A few days later, a few boys found her body in a well located in today’s Soho. Levi was the accused. Through his brother’s connections, he hired the ‘dream team’ of the time as his defense lawyers—Alexander Hamilton and Aaron Burr. The jury deliberated for five minutes and acquitted Weeks. But did he actually slay her? And if so, why? Rumor had it that she was pregnant. Instead of facing the scandal in New York, Weeks fled south, to begin life with a clean slate.

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"Book Swap Cafe" TV Show Appearance

I recently appeared on the Comcast Channel's Book Swap Cafe and will run it on YT, because I don't get the channel in my area!

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Romance Author Frances Stockton Guesting Today

Romance author Frances Stockton is my guest today. She just returned from the RT convention with lots of news to share. Please pop in all day and ask Frances any questions you may have.

Getting the Most of the Event

By Frances Stockton

Hello everyone!

I’m so excited to be a guest today on author Diana Rubino’s blog! Before I get things started, let me personally thank Diana for inviting me to participate in her blog. It’s fantastic, informative and a true honor. In coming weeks, Diana is going to be a guest on my blog, as well. Do keep a look out for updates and announcements regarding her featured post.

As to the subject matter, I chose the Romantic Times Booklovers Convention. When I learned that I’d be posting, I thought about various subjects. As I’m an author of sensual Paranormal Romance for Ellora’s Cave Publishing and Cerridwen Press, I’d thought perhaps I’d tell you about my books. But to learn more, I hope you will consider checking out my website at, to learn all the latest news, read excerpts and blurbs and reviews.

Instead, I chose the convention because, well, I was just there in Columbus, Ohio, and I had a fantastic time. If you haven’t had the opportunity to attend, whether you’re a reader, writer, bookseller, publisher or reviewer, there is something for everyone. During the day there are workshops for new and established authors, tracks designated for readers, booksellers and librarians, and many social opportunities. Personally, I attended workshops geared for where I am as a published author, and I came away with several pages of notes. The most hilarious workshop/panel that I attended was titled ‘Five Times a Night, Really?’ with authors Heather Graham, Kathy Love, Erin McCarthy, Barry Eisler and F. Paul Wilson. It gave an excellent point of view of love scenes from the male perspective and a woman’s, and frankly, it was spot on accurate and realistic, while still allowing for the romance we crave in our books.

Now, of course, when attending RT, expect a lot of parties, balls, and social opportunities. Each night, starting on Wednesday of the convention with Ellora’s Cave Publishing’s Fantasy Ball, there’s exactly that, a ball, featuring dancing, food, entertainment and recognition of the authors highlighted during the events. They are truly events! This year, EC is celebrating their 10th anniversary and the theme was ‘Paint the Town Red.’ Authors wore their favorite shades and splashes of red, red lights abounded, and the EC Cavemen walked the authors across the stage with book covers showcased on giant screens on the stage. Thank goodness for the models, or else we might trip. Good-natured, they gallantly guide us by the elbow, while looking splendid in suspenders and hats and bowties. On Thursday, the theme is the Fairy Ball. For 2010, the Fairy Court chose an elemental theme, Earth, Air, Fire, and Water. The court consisted of lovely and talented authors, including Bestselling Author Barry Eisler and many comical moments. There was a costume parade, a contest and plenty of dancing. Friday’s activities are capped off by the Vampire Ball. The costumes were incredible, with much imagination and fun given to the details. Cameras are always flashing as attendees get their first glimpses of what’s in store for the evening. Dorchester Publishing hosts the Saturday evening events, with a casual theme this year of ‘Prom Night’. There were attendees dressed as they might have done in the 70s and 80s, and current fashion, too. The dancing was awesome and memorable. But, of course, we were all celebrating the crowning of the newest Mr. Romance for 2010, Jamie Ungaro. Previous winners include Charles Paz, Chris Winters, Andrei Claude, John DeSalvo, Rodney Chapman, Jason Santiago, Rob Ashton and Mark Johnson. Many of them return year to year at RT, so next year, mark your calendars for Los Angeles 2011’s convention. I think it’ll be another great contest.

As to 2010, since it’s still fresh, let’s get to the meat of this post. RT is an awesome place to network and meet friends, industry professionals, readers, booksellers and so much more. To get the most of the event as an author, I recommend getting a spot on the RT swag table, where your promotional items are put on display. They are constantly being perused and there are some great items, too. On top of the pens and bookmarks, you can find mouse pads, mugs, temporary tattoos, candy, and my particular favorite this year, a laptop/computer screen cleaner. It works! There are also countless opportunities to give away books that you might have on your backlist or participate in a panel discussion featuring the genre or sub-genre that you write. Club RT, allows for readers, booksellers and librarians to sit down at a table with their favorite authors and simply talk. There are also two book fairs. These include the ebook/small press/comic expo, and the traditional mega huge author signings and appearances.

I didn’t have the chance to sign at the ebook expo last year, and had no idea what to expect. This year, I had two books available in ebook format, along with a trade paperback, so I signed at both. And you know what? They were awesome. Ellora’s Cave Publishing had beautiful cover flats for us to sign at the ebook expo, and many readers came by just to say hello. It wasn’t all about the sales, at least for me. It was about shaking hands and meeting people and seeing their faces when they saw the cover flats or read an excerpt available. I wish I had taken more giveaways, something I highly advise for 2011. The traditional book fair on Saturday was quite simply, packed! Of course, there were huge names signing that day. For a list, check out the Romantic Times Booklovers convention site or daily RT blog. Their updated and revamped website and blog debuted at the convention, and everything you need to know is there. But what was fun was watching the attendees and those who drove in to meet their favorite authors. What a rush it was to be part of it.

Again, if you haven’t attended RT in the past, I recommend that you consider it for 2011. Whether you are a fan of romance books, an author, bookseller or industry professional, there is really something for everyone. It is fun, a little tiring, yes, but fun! And when you’re laughing with a fan or a new friend on the dance floor, memories abound and the next time you see them, you can get a hug or handshake or a cup of java at the closest coffee shop. Not to mention the workshops, the parties, the panels, and the various opportunities to meet and greet some of the top bestselling authors in Romance, as well as authors and professionals from other genres such as Thrillers, Suspense, and Mystery. If you’re an aspiring author, there are tracks just for you, including appointments with editors and agents where you can pitch your manuscript. If you’re a reader or fan, consider 2011. You will not leave the convention without a suitcase full of books and autographs, but special note, take advantage of whatever postal delivery service is available at the convention site so that you can ship everything home. That, or take a second, empty, suitcase that you can fill with all the giveaways!

Next year, I sure hope to see you in Los Angeles at the Romantic Times Booklovers Convention 2011. Planning has already begun, and it’s little wonder, Jo Carol Jones, and her tremendous crew, does a phenomenal job year to year. I’m so glad and honored that Diana invited me here today and allowed me to post about RT 2010. It was the topic on my mind, and now, of course, to anyone who reads and comments here, either about 2010’s RT, past RTs, or has a question about anything regarding the convention, your name will be placed into a drawing for an giftcard. I’ll check back throughout the day and I sure hope to hear from you. I’ll keep the contest open over the weekend and announce the winner Monday.

A special thank you to Diana, her readers, and everyone who checks out this post, it is my hope that you come away learning something new or interesting. To learn more about me or my books, check out

Sincerely posted,

Frances Stockton

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4 Cups Review of my Comedy Time Travel from Coffee Time Romance

Rating: 4 cups
A comical frolic through five centuries of time, One Too Many Times is the journey of Richard and his king brothers (including King Edward IV) to the twenty-first century. Richard slips into the present with a protection spell gone awry just in time to land at a séance being held by a group trying to speak to his spirit.
Annie, a writer and historian, is breathless with surprise when she manages to not only raise Richard’s spirit but also her pulse when looking at his very real, very male body. Anyone can hold out for awhile against a charming man, but this man was the same king she has spent her life studying. How do you resist a little up-close research?
To set the history straight, the time traveling brothers sign on to a project to rewrite history, so to speak, by making a film about Richard as he truly was. But will he be that person again or choose to stay in the future with the lovely Annie and live a love that is timeless in the true sense of the phrase?
A richly written piece with flowing dialogue that shifts seamlessly from today to centuries ago, this story is multi-layered and well-formed. The blending of both historical fact and comedy makes this read fun and the spirited, bawdy humor of the Kings kept me smiling. Although the plotting and research were exceptional, the emotional depth could have been slightly more riveting but I found myself cheering the brothers and their ladyloves along. Full of imagination and unlimited possibility, this book touches on everything from UFO's to historical political maneuvering. And, if you can pluck the historical fact from fiction between giggling about the comical escapades, you even get to learn quite a bit about the time period.
Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance & More

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Discussion on Hamilton, Burr, and some other Colorful, Brilliant and Crabby Founding Fathers

I've been having a lively chat with historian Bob Johnson of Pennsylvania and sharing some of my insights that I've gleaned from studying our founding father
My knowledge of Tommy J (Thomas Jefferson) is rather limited, as he never captured my imagination as did my fav historical figures: Mozart, Richard III, and now Hamilton and Burr, but I do think TJ was rather hypocritical saying that all men are created equal as his slaves slaved away at M'cello.

Now that I've read everything I could get my hands on about Aaron, he definitely got a bum rap thru history. People hate him simply cos he killed AH, but don't know the backstory. AH busted his balls, to put it bluntly. It's only natural that Burr called him out, as barbaric as dueling is to us. I just read in a book yesterday that dueling was only for the upper classes; farmers, etc. never would have considered it. Well, la di da!
After a few years of researching AH and writing about him for a year, I got to know him pretty well, but have read so many conflicting reports about his character, I'm not sure even if I like him. But I do believe that he never speculated or embezzled Treasury funds, and since my book centers on his relationships with his wife and mistress Maria Reynolds I came to believe that his admitting adultery rather than let his enemies think he was ripping off the Treasury made him out to be of stronger character than the rest of them.
I just finished reading a few things about Sen. Wm. Maclay of PA, who's going in my Burr/Eliza book. What a character! He's worth a book of his own!

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Angela's Answers

Thanks to all who attended Angela's visit here on Friday. She was unable to log on and answer your questions, so she sent them to me, and here they are!
Dawne`: Thanks for your note. And as you've seen, all your questions are answered in "author's interview". Thanks again, for your encouragement; the same to you. Sincerely, Angela

PaulaB: Thank you so much for your familiar story. I grew up in Noo Yawk, where it was more brutal! Sincerely, Angela
1. Maggie dove: Thank you for your wonderful comments. It helps me a lot.
2. Bobjinpa: Hello Bob, thanks for your good wishes. The same to you.
3. Nora LeDuc: Thanks, Nora. My wishes are the same to you.
4. Jannine: Buongiorno, Jannine. Grazie per la sua lettera. Anch'io sono cento per cento italiana. E sono molto orgogliosa di essere italiana. E` vero, gl'italiani sono molti romantici. Grazie per gli auguri. Auguro tante belle cose. Ciao, Angela

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Chat with Comedy Romance Author Angela Rosati

Here is an in-depth interview I did with Angela. Say hi and ask her anything you'd like to know. She'll be popping in for the rest of the day.

You, the Author

Tell us more about yourself! Readers love to know about the authors, and this would give you the chance to make them feel close to you!

I love to read and listen to romantic, Italian or American music. I love to watch opera discs. I got interested in writing because at age 66 I got my first computer and what do oldies do? They start writing family history because kids and grandkids don't want to hear boring stuff. They will appreciate it decades hence.

If you have 2 hours free time tonight, what would you rather do? Why?

I would like to watch old Hollywood black and white films

What kind of books do you love to read? Why?

I like nonfiction, war stories (Yes, an old girl likes to read that stuff) and really good fiction.

What type of music do you enjoy relaxing to?

ah, I love music. I don't play an instrument but I listen very carefully to opera, Italian love songs and some classical. Favorite composer is Puccini.

What is your stress buster?

I make bread! All that kneading is great, especially if you think of someone you want to kill, your dough comes out smooth and wonderful. I used to think of my then husband's girlfriend! When I had the opportunity, I gave her a black eye!

If a fairy grants you one wish and one wish only, what would it be? Why?

good health for all my descendants.

What's your biggest regret in life?

not telling my then sisters-in-law to shut up because they don't know more than I do or did at the time.

What is the most adventurous thing you've ever done?

getting married and going to Italy alone with my husband

What makes you happy/sad/disappointed/frustrated/hopeful/angry? (Pick one)

What makes me family.

What are your wildest dreams/fantasies/kinks/quirks?

Wildest it! My book is published. Didn't know I could do it. Neither did anybody else. Ha!

Your writing

When did you write your first book? How long did it take you to write it?

I wrote it in 2000; it was my auto/bio and it took me six years...six years of hell. I'll never publish it.

Did you encounter any obstacles in writing? What are they? How did you overcome them?

none, because when I'm ready I sit down to write...that doesn't mean everything comes out fine...not at all. I listen to my CDs and that soothes me. Give me chocolate and music and I'm like a big lion....calm!

How did you feel when you receive your first contract? What did you do? Any celebratory dinner, dance, event, etc to commemorate the occasion?

I was incredulous, then I screamed, danced around the kitchen. The family wanted to take me to the ER. We all went out to dinner. Just what I need; more calories!

Any writing peeves, things you wish you could improve on, things you do with exceptional talent?

Gee, no! There's no room for improvement. (Uh, oh, here come the men in white coats to bring me to the loony bin!!) I'm still learning and it's wonderful.

What do you think about editing?

Editing...very necessary, eye opening and a learning tool. I really like it; the opportunity to sharpen and delete is there.

Where and when do you write? Tell us about your favorite work place and time. Any special reason? How do you write? Do your characters come to you first or the plot or the world of the story? How do you go on from there? Maybe you can give us an example with one of your books.

Sometimes a line from a song. There's an old Italian song, the first line of which is, "They told me tomorrow you're getting married and I'm here serenading you." Another line from the same song, "I'll always be by your side." I wrote about ANNA, whose young friend must return to Italy. Years later he returns the day before she is to marry and he says these lines to her. She marries and three years later, her husband is killed in an auto accident. A few years later, at her brother's wedding reception, in walks Lorenzo, her first love. Such mush makes me cry! I write about Italian Americans because I know them so well, having "groan" up with them.

What books can you recommend to aspiring writers to improve on style, character development, plot, structure, dialogue, etc?

I highly recommend, "Give 'Em What They Want" by Marshall Cook and Blythe Camenson. Prof. Cook was my professor when I took an online course at Wisconsin U. I was, then, a 76 year old college girl!! Prof. Cook is also a great writer. Imagine, he never discouraged me! And I learned a lot from him.

What is your must-have book for writing?

Must have book....same as above. Even though it's very clear; I find the query letter the hardest thing to write. I've written several and always included a bucket of blood!

What is your advice to aspiring writers?

Me? Give advice? Well, all I can say is do what the smart guys say; write, write, write. It also helps to pray. I'm serious about that. I don't kid with God. He's the boss!!

Your books

What genre(s) do you write? Why do you write the stories that you write?

What genre do you write...I write mushy romances and I write them because I don't have to do research!

Among those that you've written, which is your favorite book and why?

Favorite books I've written...Anna, the title of which I changed to: THE LAST SONG, because I wish I had been like her.

Where do you get your ideas? Do you jot them down in a notebook, in case you forgot?

They come from anywhere and I don't jot them down, I start writing even though I've got something going already. At the moment, I have a book I started and was interrupted. It's waiting for me, but don't worry, my characters haven't aged.

Which book is the closest to your heart? Why?

I've been reading for a long time...The Good Earth, The Robe,The Birth House.

Which of your books feature your family/friends, etc? What characters are modeled after them? Why?

Which books feature family/friends...All of them.

Which of your heroes/heroines is most similar to you? Why?

none! Well, all because they're not evil, mean, bitchy! But, that's where the similarity ends, which is good for them.

Who is your strongest/sexiest/most lovable/hottest hero/heroine? Why?

All, because they're absolutely not like me! In YOU DON'T LOVE ME, Raf is persistent in pursuing Lily.

Have you ever wanted to write your book in one direction but your characters are moving it in another direction? What did you do in such a situation?

Writing in one direction, then characters changing... Yes, that has happened and I just had to go with the flow and somehow, I got back to how I wanted the story to go.

Tell us more about your current release.
WANTED:HUSBAND is my current release, publisher Moongypsy. It takes place in the '50s. It was a time when Italian American girls were expected to marry asap. Match makers got busy trying to match up the unmarried, marriageable girls. It didn't matter if the guy resembled and sounded like a gorilla; he was breathing. Get 'em hitched. What pain!

Any new projects, work in progress?

I'm working on THE SISTERS. One is nice, slightly crippled. The other is bitchy. Both are beautiful.

What is your day like?

I have a healthy breakfast and read Investor's Business Daily. Makes me sound smart, but I subscribed for my son. I read the editorials and sometimes, I write in. Then I do some chores, and get to writing. Sometimes the whole day has slipped away, but I make up for it. My computer is attached to me. Sometimes, when I'm stuck, (Oh, never writer's block:):) ) I re-read the last few pages, then I go!

What is the most difficult aspect of writing for you?

I find it really hard to write sex. This is my my son, Frankie, calls me Mother Superior!

Are you a romantic at heart? What is the most romantic thing your husband has ever done for you?

At the time, each spring we'd walk in the garden checking this or that. He'd always pull a flower from the fruit tree and give it to me, saying, "Here, romantica."

Did you always know that someday you’d become a writer? If not, what was the catalyst that pushed you in this direction?


Describe yourself 4 words....comedic, ugly, freckle faced, honest.

What does your writing space look like? neat, music, good light.

Where can readers learn more about you?

Angela Rosati, Author of Wanted:Husband, Romantic Comedy, Guesting Today

I'll be interviewing Angela Rosati, first time author, a beautiful lady inside and out, today at 1:00. Please stop by, say hi and ask Angela any questions you may have.

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This Is Why I Do What I Do

From new romance author Angela Rosati to Moongypsy Press CEO Foery MacDonell and her reply:
(Meet and chat with Angela this Friday at 1:00!)

Dear Foery,
I had to write to you and tell you that I received my order of WANTED:HUSBAND. I have to tell you that I was laid up with a bad back and got out of bed to get the mail. Then I decided to open the front door and there was my package. I took just a nanosecond to decide I wouldn't consider my aching back. I bent down to pick up the package and felt very little pain.Was that a miraculous recovery or not!!!
I'm so thrilled. I was in the house alone and screaming. The book looks great...I hate to part with them but I promised them to a few people.
I haven't come down from the sky yet and I don't know if I ever will. Thank you so much.
I started to read my own book!!! Is that normal??????

My dearest Angela,
You are my miracle!!! I lost a dear aunt suddenly today and you just broght me from my pit of despair. YOU are the reason I do what I do every day. You are such a joy in my life. Please do not EVER come down from the sky!!! Yes, it is normal to read your own book in print and caress it and devour every page of your words. Savour it, sleep with it, it is YOURS and I am honored to be your publisher.
I love you!!! (When are you writing me the next one????)
Your biggest fan,
Foery K. MacDonell

Friday, March 12, 2010

80-year-old First Time Romance Author Interview!

On Friday, March 19, 2010, I will be interviewing my dear friend Angela Rosati, age 80, who just had her first romance novel published by Moongypsy Press. Wanted:Husband, a romantic comedy, is set in 1950s New York, centering on Claudia, whose family won't stop interfering in her life and throwing her together with prospective husbands. After a few ironic twists and turns, she realizes Mr. Right was right under her nose the whole time. Read my review on Amazon:

Friday, March 5, 2010

Time Travel Comedy On Sale

My time travel comedy romance, One Too Many Times, is now available in print from Amazon and from All Romance E Books (link below)

Warning: it's a bit raunchy but I had a blast writing it.

The fifteenth-century English King Edward IV and his younger brothers George and Richard travel to the twenty-first century in order to try to rewrite history by making a film portraying Richard as he really was, a kind soul and benevolent king. In the course of their adventures, the brothers fall in love with very different women who reshape all their destinies.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

New Publishing Company Now Open for Business!

I just signed on as Sr. Acquisitions Editor at Moongypsy Press. Please go to for info on our books, submissions, contests and more!