Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Play Word Play today at The Blood-Red Pencil

Play Word Play today at The Blood-Red Pencil. Today, use 'sleigh' 'slay' 'sleight' and 'slate' as many times as possible in a paragraph. Mine is below.
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Morgan Mandel

Strange coincidence, because I’m including a true life murder mystery in my work in progress, my novel about Aaron Burr.
In 1800, a young man named Levi Weeks, the brother of one of New York City’s most successful builders, took his fiancĂ©, Elma Sands, for a sleigh ride. She was never seen again. A few days later, a few boys found her body in a well located in today’s Soho. Levi was the accused. Through his brother’s connections, he hired the ‘dream team’ of the time as his defense lawyers—Alexander Hamilton and Aaron Burr. The jury deliberated for five minutes and acquitted Weeks. But did he actually slay her? And if so, why? Rumor had it that she was pregnant. Instead of facing the scandal in New York, Weeks fled south, to begin life with a clean slate.