Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Fans of Crime Novels and Jack the Ripper Buffs--Two Great New Books Out!

Dear Kindred Souls,
My friend and award-winning author Brian Porter now has two new titles to his credit. Take a peek!

The Voice of Anton Bouchard Now Available on Amazon.com

Mythica Publishing are delighted to be able to announce they have not only acquired the print rights to award-winning author Brian L. Porter's superb short story collection The Voice of Anton Bouchard, but have now released this title in print format.

Originally published in e-book format by Stonehedge Publishing, Porter's novel A Study in Red - The Secret Journal of Jack the Ripper was the winner of The Preditors & Editors Best Thriller Novel of 2008 Award. Mythica is delighted to have the opportunity to showcase this superb collection of his short stories.

As the city of Paris swelters in the grip of a summer heat wave, a serial killer dubbed "The Butcher Beast" stalks the dark streets of the great metropolis, dispatching his victims with increasing brutality and savagery. Author Brian L. Porter goes deep into the mind of multiple murderer Anton Bouchard, revealing the thoughts and the events that have shaped the life of that most heinous of society's misfits, the serial killer! This definitive collection of tales from the pen of the author includes a second tale of multiple murder in "Breathing to Death," and also takes the reader beneath the ocean, beyond the stars, and deep into the cellars of an English country mansion. Finally, we are treated to a four- chapter preview of Porter's latest novel Under Mexican Skies. A truly remarkable journey through the mind of an extremely talented author! Other titles in the collection are Red Sky in the Morning, An Alien Abduction, Bodies in the Cellar, The Sound of Silence, Megalith, and of course the taster of Porter's forthcoming novel.

ISBN 978-1-907108-05-1


Further details are available at http://www.mythicapublishing.com/

The e-book version of the book is available via Stonehedge Publishing or through Fictionwise.

A Review of The Voice of Anton Bouchard

Mr. Porter carries through on the promise of his earlier works, delivering plot twists and elements of amazing imagination in a collection of stories that will entertain, provoke thought and satisfy. I recommend this as a refreshing read for both mystery/thriller and sci-fi fans and people like me who have not read much in either genre. It definitely has something for everyone. ~ Kristina Dalton author of Vampire's Lover, The King's Right, The Ring, Taken, Unleashed, Untold

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Do You Want Book Exposure?

Fellow authors, go to www.bookexposure.blogspot.com
to get your books out into the world.

Welcome New Followers!

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Time Travel in Paperback ... Visit the Mount Vernon Museum ... Paranormal Investigation in NH!

Dear Kindred Souls,
Traveling Light will be out in paperback in a few days. I first wrote this in 1993 and was never 100% happy with it, til I began working with Carol Craig of The Editing Gallery, a very thorough and insightful editor. She suggested some elements that made the story complete and full. Eternal Press bought it, and now it's ready for the world!
If you haven't yet been to the new museum at Mount Vernon, it's worth every minute of travel. Just got back from there--it's fascinating how the experts were able to reconstruct General Washington's (why they call him General & not President, I'm not sure) appearance at age 19, 45, and when he was inaugurated (with only one tooth remaining in his mouth!) It also displays a set of his dentures, made of animal and human teeth (no, he never had wooden teeth). He went through several sets of dentures in his lifetime. That's why he doesn't look all that happy in the Gilbert Stuart portrait that hangs in every classroom and is on the dollar bill. Poor George. And he would've survived that cold he caught if antibiotics had been invented.
But it's well worth the trip--and of course the house & grounds are always gorgeous and so full of history and energy!
You want to read a great book about Martha, pick up Washington's Lady by Nancy Moser--written in 1st person from Martha's point of view, a vivid portrait of the times, the war, and their relationship.
My friend Judy just stopped by--she just bought A Bloody Good Cruise--thanks, Judy!
I went on my third paranormal investigation on Thursday night with the great CC Carole, www.ccthehuntress.com, and a fun group. We did a ghost hunt at the Tortilla Flat restaurant in Merrimack NH, built in 1776. A man named Zacharias died in one of the rooms, and when we asked questions of the spirits, my dousing rods answered all our questions. I've never had such great response. My first two investigations yielded nothing--maybe I'm getting better at it.
Pix & YouTube videos to follow.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Time Travel Released Today!

Dear Kindred Souls,
My time travel romance, Traveling Light, was released today with Eternal Press. It is on sale in paperback at Amazon. Here's a short blurb:
In the present, historic preservation architect Leigh Halliday makes a daring move--she sleeps in the bed once owned by King Richard III, and wakes up in Richard's bed, but in Richard's time, 1485.
In 1485, Guy Blakamour, trusted knight of King Richard, believes Leigh is Sandrissa, the wife he'd never met, having arrived for the wedding planned by the king.
Leigh has more than the obvious reason for wanting to return home to her own time--she knows that Guy Blakamour was recorded in history as having been executed for treason and drowning his first wife. When she realizes she can't return home, and probably never will, she finds out that Guy's 'treason' and 'drowning' of his wife was a setup by a Welsh clan who's hated Guy's family for centuries. She puts her life on the line to clear his name and attempts to return home--with Guy, whom she's grown to love. But he won't go with her to the future until he's fought beside King Richard in battle--the battle she knows Richard perished in. But did Guy survive the battle? She has no way of knowing--so she must get Guy out of the fifteenth century. One more trip to the King's Bed, but she returns to the future--without him. She believes he's lost to her forever, until a call from the police two days later brings miraculous news--someone has turned up, claiming to be a knight from the fifteenth century!
Guy has returned to her, and together they prove that true love can transcend time.
What makes this story unique is that I’ve created a scientific explanation for traveling through time, without hitting the reader over the head with technical explanations. Simply put, the ley lines that cross England can transport a person through the time continuum—no one knows for sure why. But this blend of supernatural and scientific makes this story plausible, and fires up our imaginations about the mysteries of the universe.

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Monday, May 4, 2009

Welcome to my Blog!

Dear Kindred Souls,


After some trial and error with help from my Webmaster, unknown passwords and usernames, and various other tripups, I've finally gone live! I'll be posting about books I've written, books I've read, books on my mile-high TBR pile, links to friends' and authors' sites and blogs, and postings about my other passions such as history, music, the paranormal, astronomy, and whatever hits me that I need to pass on to the world.My website, http://www.dianarubino.com/, is also up to date. Contests, pictures, YouTube videos and other fun stuff to follow.Please stop by and say hello! --Diana

My Latest Novel Now in Paperback

My latest title, A Bloody Good Cruise, a chick lit vampire romance set on board an Italian cruise ship between Sicily and Malta, is now on sale at Amazon.com, or from my publisher, Eternal Press, http://www.eternalpress.ca/.
My vamps aren't 'traditional' in the sense that they have pointy fangs, sleep in coffins or abhor garlic (are you kidding?? My vamps are all Italian!!!)
They come from a long line of vampires dating back to Ancient Rome, and became that way because of a mutation--a scientific explanation I briefly discuss in the book. The story's theme is tolerance--the vampires 'come out' on an international TV show, The Cutting Edge, and only want to be accepted for who they are. The tagline really is "Why can't we all just get along--even if we are a bit weird?" After all, what IS normal????
(if you are reading this and consider yourself 'normal' please post right now--I'd love to hear what your idea of 'normal' is!)
If you'd like A Bloody Good Cruise bookmark, please Email me your snail mail addy.

Upcoming Guest Blogging

My first guest spot was on the blog of author Emily Bryan, http://www.emilybryan.blogspot.com/ on May 5. I'll be on the blog of Roxanne Rhoads, http://www.fang-tasticbooks.blogspot.com/
on Tuesday, May 26.