Monday, May 23, 2011


A NECESSARY END, MY PARANORMAL ROMANCE CENTERED ON JOHN WILKES BOOTH AND THE PLOT TO KILL PRESIDENT LINCOLN, WILL BE ON SALE JUNE 15. Meanwhile, I'm having a contest as announced on the back cover of the July ROMANTIC TIMES Magazine. Just Email me and tell me the three historical figures you most would have liked to meet, and indicate which book you would like to win: A NECESSARY END,  A BLOODY GOOD CRUISE or ONE TOO MANY TIMES, and if you prefer print or PDF format. The first ten responders will receive the book of their choice. Email me at: Happy reading! 

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Mount Vernon in the Rain

At my agent Jewelann's suggestion, I'm beginning my bio novel about Martha Washington, and visited Mount Vernon a few weeks ago to do research at their library. It was like Fort Knox--first you have to make an appointment with the historian, then announce your arrival at the gate; once inside, they confiscate your bags and hand you a pencil to write with. (but many historical society libraries go the confiscation route). No rubber gloves, though. The historian stacked a few mountains of books and papers before me, and I was in heaven for three hours! I'm looking forward to going back. I LOVE Mount Vernon & never tire of going there. My first trip there was at age 8 & I never forgot it.
When we toured the house, we stood at the doorway to the bedroom where George died, apparently of pneumonia, and I, of an 8-yr-old mind, asked the guide if it was still contageous!