Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Angela's Answers

Thanks to all who attended Angela's visit here on Friday. She was unable to log on and answer your questions, so she sent them to me, and here they are!
Dawne`: Thanks for your note. And as you've seen, all your questions are answered in "author's interview". Thanks again, for your encouragement; the same to you. Sincerely, Angela

PaulaB: Thank you so much for your familiar story. I grew up in Noo Yawk, where it was more brutal! Sincerely, Angela
1. Maggie dove: Thank you for your wonderful comments. It helps me a lot.
2. Bobjinpa: Hello Bob, thanks for your good wishes. The same to you.
3. Nora LeDuc: Thanks, Nora. My wishes are the same to you.
4. Jannine: Buongiorno, Jannine. Grazie per la sua lettera. Anch'io sono cento per cento italiana. E sono molto orgogliosa di essere italiana. E` vero, gl'italiani sono molti romantici. Grazie per gli auguri. Auguro tante belle cose. Ciao, Angela

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