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Romantic Time Travel Comedy FOR LOVE AND LOYALTY Now On Sale

In this paranormal time travel, the fifteenth‑century English King Edward IV and his younger brothers George and Richard travel to the twenty‑first century in order to try to rewrite history by making a film portraying Richard as he really was, a kind soul and benevolent king. In the course of their adventures, they each fall in love with very different women who reshape all their destinies.
Julianna Hammond, an officer of the Richard III Society and some of her fellow Ricardians take a pilgrimage to the ruins of Middleham Castle for their yearly summon of Richard=s spirit. But this time the mere wisp of a ghost doesn=t appearBit=s Richard in the flesh.
Julianna Hammond, an officer of the Richard III Society and some of her fellow Ricardians take a pilgrimage to the ruins of Middleham Castle for their yearly summon of Richard=s spirit. But this time the mere wisp of a ghost doesn=t appearBit=s Richard in the flesh.
Julianna takes him in and introduces him to the wonders of the modern worldBelectricity, motor vehicles, and in a more unfortunate incidentBjeans with zip-up flies.
During the 1480s, the biggest mystery in English history took place--the disappearance of the Princes, the nephews of King Richard III. Not only has Richard been accused of murdering his nephews, he's been maligned in every way from his politics to his physical appearance. Here was the perfect character to bring to the present, watch his stunned reaction as he reads a biography of himself and learns his fate, and see how he tries to change history.
In time travel, anything goes, and the humor is bawdier than our jaded modern minds can imagine it was in the 15th century. The three brothers Edward, George, and Richard, give the story its edge. The hedonistic skirt-chasing Edward and George play so well off the prim, proper and chivalrous Richard.
In the majority of time-travels, the modern heroine goes back in time, but to have historical figures come to modern times from the past is unique. It also gave me many opportunities for humor, seeing our world through 15th century eyes, in the simplest ways: Richard goes to an open-air market and sees things he's never seen before: bananas, tomatoes, corn on the cob, peanuts. He begins to bite into a banana, and Julianna shows him the correct way: peel and eat it from the top. He takes an ear of corn and proceeds to eat it like the banana, from the top, but she explains that it's eaten sideways. How confusing the modern world really is! Not to mention his first glance at a running computer, connected with the world through the internet.
Eventually, Edward and George find out, through the powers of their local wizard, where Richard has gone, and the wizard sends them both forward to the 21st century to be reunited with their baby brother, who they fear has gotten into all kinds of trouble.
But that=s hardly the case. He=s rewriting a movie script to portray himself as a kind benevolent king rather than Richard Crouchback of Shakespeare lore. He and Julianna have fallen in love, and she realizes Richard is the prince she=s always waited for. It=s hard to keep his identity a secret when she really wants to shout from the rooftops that she=s found her soulmate across five centuries.
Now in the 21st century, Edward and George each fall in love with their soulmates and fate brings them where they belongBEdward to the far future, George remaining in the present.
But Richard brings Julianna back 'home' to live his life differently--and in the future, a student of history opens a textbook to read about Good King Richard, who lowered taxes, built colleges, restructured the court system, and was handsome, charming, selfless, and had two very even, perfectly matched shoulders.
An excerpt from FOR LOVE AND LOYALTY
         “Well, you’re certainly a hero,” Julianna lavished well-deserved praise on him. “You’re kind, sensitive, brave, warm and very good looking. Everything a hero should be. But why don’t you think you’re romantic?”

Richard shook his head. “I never brought a lady flowers, I don’t pour honeyed flattery over them like Ned, I don’t recite poetry like George, I don’t cook gourmet cuisine. All I can do is spread bananas on pizza.”

She smiled and sipped at her wine. “It’s romantic if your intentions are sincere. I enjoyed your banana pizza more than any gourmet meal I could get at LaGrenouille.”

“Sincere?” He buffed the Middleham Ring on his shirt. “Mayhap. I don’t put forth any false fronts. Nay, there’s naught false about my front.” He took a quick glance downward. Her eyes couldn’t help but follow.

“That’s my idea of romantic,” she assured him. “Not flowers or poetry or flattery. Just sincerity. That other stuff is just veneer, and it wears quite thin after a while.”

His eyes pinned her and she took another sip to ease the tension. “Simply speak your heart. Share your heart. That’s what romance is all about—to me,” she said softly.

He reached over, took the glass from her hand and placed it on the table in one swift, graceful movement. “Then may we share some tonight?”

The hearth glowed, seductive music floated through the lounge—the  perfect ambiance. But now that the moment was here, the reality of it nudged her in a stern warning:


“Come here, Julianna.” The way he opened his arms to her, she couldn’t refuse. One warm embrace can’t hurt. But once she was in that embrace, and his lips sought hers, it felt as natural as breathing. He kissed her lovingly, gently and thoroughly. Stopping him would be as wrong as telling the sun not to shine.

Her heart beat the same primitive tattoo as the music surrounding them.

When his hand slid to her breast, she knew she had to take charge or nature would. “Richard—” She hadn’t meant sound so whispery, but her voice was nowhere to be found. She cleared her throat. “We can’t get involved. It’ll be too much heartache if something happens and you get sent back.” She wondered how convincing she really sounded, with her fingers still wound through his hair and her body half pressed up against his.

“I’m not going back, Julianna. I’m resigned to my fate. I’m not like Ned, I don’t rake every wench that crosses my path. I keep my desire firmly in check. But right now my desire is about to burn a hole in these thin trousers so I’ll have to go back to wearing that torturous denim castrati garment.”

She let out a deep sigh and tried to calm her breathing. There’d been some pretty heavy breathing till now. “Richard, I’ve been fighting my feelings all along and doing a pretty good job of it so far. Don’t let me weaken. Don’t let me fall in love with you. There’s enough weird stuff going on here already. We’ve got enough to do.”
 “I’ve grown very fond of you, Julianna.” He stroked her cheek. “And I’m still growing.” He relaxed his embrace and brushed her lips with his before sitting back. “However, you must lead and I follow, as this is your domain. I’m also a gentleman. If this were Ned sitting here, you’d have been ravished thrice already, in six different ways, and on your way to fetch him a beer.”
“Doesn’t he take no for an answer?” Her hand still played through his hair.
“He doesn’t even ask.”
“Looks like he doesn’t mind never going back to his own time. After tonight, George might not, either.”
“Well, Ned covered his arse quite well. He informed me he left the kingdom in good hands with no detail unattended to, and George will go anywhere there’s wenches and booze, even if it’s back to the stone age.”
“I wonder if you can go back by sheer force of will. Our minds are so much more powerful than we think.” A jumble of thoughts entered her head and vanished. This wasn’t the time to ponder telekinesis, as he tickled her earlobe and ran his thumb over her bottom lip. All she could do was close her eyes and let the exquisite sensations take over. She instinctively moved closer. Their bodies touched, his skin against hers. One more kiss, just one more of those delicious warm kisses, and I’ll call it a night, she convinced herself. Their lips met.
The door knocker pounded.
           Or the paperback
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