Monday, October 20, 2014


Say hi to my guest Eliza March, author of WITCH'S TATTOO published by The Wild Rose Press.
A bit about Eliza:

I've been writing seriously for about nine years. My first book, a novella,, was published in April of 2009 and since then, I've had several more published. To my great pleasure, many readers have responded positively to these books. I write in a variety of genres so I'm sure there's one that will please you. Can you just imagine how pleased I am to know I'm making readers happy with the yarns I spin in my head . . .

The first writers' group I joined was a local mixed group (all genres - all ages). They 
took turns reading aloud and critiquing each others' work once a week. Although I know how to spell the words I write, I find it difficult to voice them. Therefore I saw no future with that group, since I found it impossible to admit what I wrote, let alone, shock the life out of a group of white haired memoir writers. So I moved on - took online classes, college classes, and in 2006 I attended my first RWA National Conference and never looked back. I'm a member of RWA, my local chapter - TARA, several online groups. My secret passion is poetry, and my secret identity isn't as secret as I'd like to believe. 

You can usually find me at one of several of my favorite places . . . most often my blog, Eliza Writes sizzling hot romance  - FACEBOOK  - TWITTER  -  I also guest blog with fellow authors.


Something else you should know about me is I love hearing from my readers. Please email me at  or leave comments at my blog.

Interesting Info about WITCH'S TATTOO 
1 - The first line(s) of the book. 
Michael lifted his arms to the North, the East, the South, and the West, casting the circle of fire. The Fire ceremony was the most effective used with the searching spell.
2- Favorite passage from the book. The skirt she wore barely covered her sexy ass—like a black leather napkin filled with wicked delights. Damn, the witch looked hot enough to melt ice-forged steel. He tortured himself with the image of her wearing just the pendant and the boots—thigh high, black leather cut in lacy patterns, exposing her creamy skin...
The tips of her long black hair brushed her narrow waist the way it had the night he watched her in the scrying mirror. His fingers twitched with the desire to trace her plunging neckline. A neckline that bared her deep cleavage and the pendant. 
3- One thing readers would find unique or interesting about the book: 
While attending a workshop with WRP Publisher, Rhonda Penders, she mentioned needing a few Halloween short stories, I came up with Witch's Tattoo and pitched the concept off the top of my head, growing more enthusiastic as I spoke. Thankfully, she liked the idea, too. 

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