Sunday, October 15, 2023

Meet Chelsey Ortega and Read About Her Teen & Young Adult Paranormal Romance BONDWITCH, Released Today, for a Spooky Read

I'm continuing my Spooktober blog exchange with fellow Wild Rose Press authors, and today I'm hosting Chelsey Ortega and her Teen/YA paranormal romance BONDWITCH, which comes out today.

Here's Chelsey

Thank you, Diana, for giving me this opportunity to introduce

myself and my novel with your readers.

My debut novel, Bondwitch, released today, and to say that I

am excited is an understatement. 

I have dreamed of writing stories since I was nine years old.

And like many others, I chose a different career path and didn’t

pursue my dreams until my thirties. Now I have two jobs that I

love: teaching and writing. I teach high school U.S. History and

ELD (English Language Development). My love of history

came from the enjoyment I found in reading biographies and

historical fiction. The Other Boleyn Girl by Philippa Gregory set

me on the path to becoming a history teacher; and my high

school English teacher was the person who introduced me to

that book. So my life literally circles around books and


I have had stories running through my mind involving magic

since I was a little girl. I was heavily influenced by the Harry

Potter and Twilight series when I was younger, and have since

added the Beautiful Creatures and Witches of East End series

to my inspiration in my adult years. I have also been a sucker

for romance ever since I watched The Princess Bride as a

child. The Notebook by Nicholas Sparks was the first novel

that pulled me into the literary genre. And so in my own

writing, I love to put magic and romance together. 

Bondwitch came about in 2020 when my husband lost his job

of eight years. I was a stay-at-home mom, and my teaching

license had expired. As we went through the stress of job

hunting and continuing to care for our family, I escaped the

awfulness of it all late at night by writing. I completed the first

draft in three months, and spent the next two years editing,

querying, and editing some more. And after three years in the

making, I am so pleased to introduce Annamaria Lyons and

her world to you:


Eighteen-year-old Annamaria Lyons’ story begins with a desire to attend her senior prom with her high school sweetheart. After sixteen years of a strict upbringing, her aunt, Trinity, repeals Annamaria’s curfew so she can attend the dance.

Prom is a night of dancing, kissing, mystery, and drama - everything one would expect of a high school function. But Annamaria’s exciting night isn’t over when the clock strikes midnight. Her long-lost sister, Marianna arrives and brings with her their family’s true past: magic.

Annamaria begins her magical education, but the secrets she must keep about her new identity tear her human relationships apart. An attack from her family’s enemies opens her eyes to the danger of straddling both worlds, and Annamaria flees her childhood home with her sister.

She immerses herself in the magical world. New friends and a new suitor challenge her original dreams for the future, and when she finds herself caught in the middle of a centuries-old conflict, Annamaria must decide to rise above it or give in to the darkness.

An Excerpt

“Annamaria… Prom Queen… Congratulations.” 

Uh…thanks.” Anna grunted as she tried to shove away from him. 

“My Senior Prom was pretty amazing too.” His eyes darkened. “But my senior year didn’t end so well. Hopefully, yours is better.” 

Anna stopped trying to push him away and looked up at him. He was older, which must be why Anna didn’t recognize him. Their eyes met, and Anna froze as his pupils expanded until they almost covered his brown irises. The surrounding volume lowered, and the music became fuzzy. Anna swayed, and her fear disappeared. Her surroundings were a blur save this handsome man. This man who held her desire in his hand. He was the only thing that mattered. Obeying him was the only thing she wanted.   

“Let’s leave,” he whispered. Goosebumps erupted along Anna’s cheek and neck. “Come with me.” They stopped dancing, and he gripped Anna’s hand and led her toward the exit.

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