Wednesday, February 8, 2023

Meet SciFi Author Elaine Isaak and Read About Her New (Released Tuesday) YA Title A WRECK OF DRAGONS


Meet Elaine

Elaine writes knowledge inspired adventure fiction including The Dark Apostle series about medieval surgery as by E. C. Ambrose, and the Bone Guard archaeological thrillers as by E. Chris Ambrose. She's a frequent workshop instructor and former adventure guide who makes wearable art in her free time. Another recent adventure is interactive superhero novel Skystrike: Wings of Justice, for Choice of Games.

About A WRECK OF DRAGONS in Elaine's Words

I am thrilled to announce the launch of A Wreck of Dragons! This young adult science fiction novel could be described as "Pacific Rim" meets "How to Train your Dragon."  Author Julie E. Czerneda, called it, "A stellar work of science fiction!"  And fellow New Hampshire SF author R.W.W. Greene said it was "a gut punch to the mecha v. kaiju genre."

We’re not animals working on instinct; we’re not machines, just running programs. We choose. That, more than anything else, is what makes us human. I’m trying real hard to make the right choice.

With his giant robot, Norgay, orphaned teen Johari leads a team of scouts to find a new planet for mankind.  The next prospect has it all:  a great climate, nearly perfect air, and no signs of civilization.  As the team dives in for their inspection, Johari's best friend risks exposure to the alien world to claim biological samples that might be the salvation of their own species. Then the sample he shatters draws the wrath of angry, flying reptiles, and his own robot companion sacrifices itself to shield the fragile humans.

Johari races to save his friend and raise one of their precious bots from beneath an alien sea—only to find he's being hunted by dragons.  As he's cast into a world of doubts, Johari suspects that these monsters are more than they seem.  Will he claim a new world for mankind—and allow them to destroy their own humanity?

Johari stared down the barrel of the gun, standing between humanity and their future. All he had to do was die.

Read an excerpt and find links to all the formats on the publisher's website, WaterDragon Publishing. (Yes, it did seem like a perfect fit for this book!)






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