Monday, February 24, 2014


          A Bloody Good Cruise is now on sale for Kindle

A fun-filled blend of the vampire world and luxury cruises.

 Romantic suspense author Mona is a human, and the hero Fausto is a vampire, and although they care deeply about each other, their different backgrounds create a lot of problems. He can never be one of her kind and she=s deathly afraid to become one of his. But her best friend Tessie is madly in love with Fausto=s vamp cousin Quintus, and makes her life-altering decision to let him turn her. But as they as they all sail the Mediterranean on a writer=s cruise that Mona=s organized, Fausto=s job as the ship=s doctor is hard to perform when he realizes hunters (or the Vampire Ball Busters, as vamps call them) are after him and his fellow vamps. They abduct Tessie, who saves her neck at the last minute by turning Roy, one of the hunters. Now Roy must live as one of the despised creatures he=s devoted his life to hunting. But his problems pale in comparison to Mona=s as Fausto=s ex-wife shows up after four hundred years, hot to snatch him back. She=s not just another bitter ex hoping to rekindle the flamesBshe=s Lucrezia Borgia, history=s most notorious gold digger and husband-killer. When Mona and Fausto team up with the hunters to capture Lucrezia and get her to confess to her crimes, Mona thinks all is lost because Lucrezia refuses to talk. But Mona gets her creative writer=s  juices flowing, and right out of one of her suspense novels, tricks Lucrezia into a confession. The tabloid show The Cutting Edge, on shipboard to tape the writers= cruise, beams the story all over the world. Mona and Fausto become instant celebrities, but hunters are still after Fausto. One of them shoots Mona while aiming for him, and she realizes she must let Fausto turn her or she=ll dieBso she makes her decision, which she never regrets. Instead of looking for the next big market trend, she helps Fausto and Quintus write their memoirs, so the world can see what vampires really are about.
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