Thursday, May 7, 2009

Time Travel Released Today!

Dear Kindred Souls,
My time travel romance, Traveling Light, was released today with Eternal Press. It is on sale in paperback at Amazon. Here's a short blurb:
In the present, historic preservation architect Leigh Halliday makes a daring move--she sleeps in the bed once owned by King Richard III, and wakes up in Richard's bed, but in Richard's time, 1485.
In 1485, Guy Blakamour, trusted knight of King Richard, believes Leigh is Sandrissa, the wife he'd never met, having arrived for the wedding planned by the king.
Leigh has more than the obvious reason for wanting to return home to her own time--she knows that Guy Blakamour was recorded in history as having been executed for treason and drowning his first wife. When she realizes she can't return home, and probably never will, she finds out that Guy's 'treason' and 'drowning' of his wife was a setup by a Welsh clan who's hated Guy's family for centuries. She puts her life on the line to clear his name and attempts to return home--with Guy, whom she's grown to love. But he won't go with her to the future until he's fought beside King Richard in battle--the battle she knows Richard perished in. But did Guy survive the battle? She has no way of knowing--so she must get Guy out of the fifteenth century. One more trip to the King's Bed, but she returns to the future--without him. She believes he's lost to her forever, until a call from the police two days later brings miraculous news--someone has turned up, claiming to be a knight from the fifteenth century!
Guy has returned to her, and together they prove that true love can transcend time.
What makes this story unique is that I’ve created a scientific explanation for traveling through time, without hitting the reader over the head with technical explanations. Simply put, the ley lines that cross England can transport a person through the time continuum—no one knows for sure why. But this blend of supernatural and scientific makes this story plausible, and fires up our imaginations about the mysteries of the universe.


  1. Well done hugely, Diana - lovely to share this release date with you!

    As you asked for information on today's Eternal Press releases, here's the blurb for Painting from Life, my short story about art, love and the mysterious power of the sea:

    Love is never what you think. When a painter goes beyond the degree of intimacy that provides the connection between him and his newly-discovered muse, he is forced to undergo a re-evaluation of the true meaning of love. In a strange twist on the Dorian Gray theme, perhaps the artist steals the subject’s essence as love and art meld into one.

    And here's an excerpt -

    "At the corner of my eye, something moved and I turned to see what it was. Fifty or sixty yards away from us on the edge of the sand, an old man was sitting on a bench, gazing towards the sea. The sound we were making must have caused him to jump and the movement startled me. Now his eyes were meeting mine, causing a jolt of recognition, even understanding, to explode in my heart. No, somewhere deeper. In my belly, from where it surged in a torrent of blood down through my legs and feet, and up into my chest, arms, fingers and at last into my mind. I felt as if I might faint. But I didn't. Instead I gazed at him in astonishment.

    He was old, a thin wiry body wrapped in a green fisherman's jumper, faded cords protecting his legs. His hands were gnarled like the rocks, strong fingers burnt brown by the sun. But it was his face which captured me, even at such a distance, and never really let me go."

    More info can be found here -

    Thank you very much indeed and here's to great success for us all!



  2. Ohhh I love time travel and this sounds VERY good! I will definitely check it out!

  3. Thanks, Anne, your book looks great! Congrats to you and all EP authors who released today!