Thursday, May 14, 2009

Time Travel in Paperback ... Visit the Mount Vernon Museum ... Paranormal Investigation in NH!

Dear Kindred Souls,
Traveling Light will be out in paperback in a few days. I first wrote this in 1993 and was never 100% happy with it, til I began working with Carol Craig of The Editing Gallery, a very thorough and insightful editor. She suggested some elements that made the story complete and full. Eternal Press bought it, and now it's ready for the world!
If you haven't yet been to the new museum at Mount Vernon, it's worth every minute of travel. Just got back from there--it's fascinating how the experts were able to reconstruct General Washington's (why they call him General & not President, I'm not sure) appearance at age 19, 45, and when he was inaugurated (with only one tooth remaining in his mouth!) It also displays a set of his dentures, made of animal and human teeth (no, he never had wooden teeth). He went through several sets of dentures in his lifetime. That's why he doesn't look all that happy in the Gilbert Stuart portrait that hangs in every classroom and is on the dollar bill. Poor George. And he would've survived that cold he caught if antibiotics had been invented.
But it's well worth the trip--and of course the house & grounds are always gorgeous and so full of history and energy!
You want to read a great book about Martha, pick up Washington's Lady by Nancy Moser--written in 1st person from Martha's point of view, a vivid portrait of the times, the war, and their relationship.
My friend Judy just stopped by--she just bought A Bloody Good Cruise--thanks, Judy!
I went on my third paranormal investigation on Thursday night with the great CC Carole,, and a fun group. We did a ghost hunt at the Tortilla Flat restaurant in Merrimack NH, built in 1776. A man named Zacharias died in one of the rooms, and when we asked questions of the spirits, my dousing rods answered all our questions. I've never had such great response. My first two investigations yielded nothing--maybe I'm getting better at it.
Pix & YouTube videos to follow.

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