Wednesday, July 27, 2016

My Friend's Book About A Special Rescue Dog

My dear friend in England, Brian Porter, has 10 rescue dogs and wrote a book about one special rescue, SASHA. A beautiful and moving story. He's sending a much-needed message out to the world. Thanks, friends and cousins who already bought the book. Proceeds go to supporting Brian's nine other rescue dogs and Sasha.

Amazon link to SASHA

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  1. Thanks for featuring Sasha's story Diana. Sasha is indeed a remarkable and amazing dog. She was abandoned at 6 weeks old,was almost dead from hypothermia when rescued. Since then she has survived two broken legs, serious skin allergies, and for the last three years has suffered from terrible epileptic seizures. We almost lost her last year after she suffered TWELVE seizure in one day. After being hospitalized for three days she miraculously came home to us. Always happy, Sasha is an inspiration to me and many others as she shows the will and determination to extract the past ounce of happiness from every day, whatever setbacks she may face. She also possesses an incredibly heightened sense of empathy which is explained in the book. Let's just say, she helps to keep me alive. Her book is available for just 99 cents until Thursday, August 4th. Your readers are invited to visit her Facebook page at Sasha the Wagging tail of England.