Tuesday, June 7, 2016

I Finally Got To Visit Edgar Allan Poe

Just returned from a road trip to Florida, stopped in Baltimore to pay my respects to Edgar Allan Poe; I've been wanting to see his grave for years. It was a Sunday, and his house, open to the public, should've been closed, but lo and behold it was open! Visit the house here for location and hours. It's a narrow row house which was out in the country when he lived there with his wife Virginia and his mother-in-law affectionately called "Muddy." It has a very steep winding staircase which Muddy wasn't able to navigate, so she slept downstairs. I have photos I'll post shortly. As most of you may know, Poe lived most of his life in poverty, and at times they only had bread and molasses to eat. I'm glad I finally got to visit him.
"In pace requiescat" as Poe wrote in the final line of "The Cask of Amontillado" -- the story I read in 8th grade that got me hooked on Poe.
Photos of his grave and house are below:

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