Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Book Quote Wednesday on Twitter, #BookQW

Author Mindy Klasky started Book Quote Wednesday a few years ago, and it's become very popular. Authors, contact her at @MindyKlasky on Twitter and ask her to add you to her mailing list. Every Monday she'll send you the word for Wednesday. Find that word in your book and Tweet with #BookQW.

Today's word is FAST.

This is from my biographical thriller SHARING HAMILTON. In 1791, Hamilton and his beautiful mistress Maria Reynolds engaged in a sordid affair which became the young nation's first public sex scandal, ruining his chances for the presidency.

"Hold me, Alex." My arms held him fast.
He unwrapt my arms from around his neck. "I can't, Maria. I've a wife waiting for me at home."

SHARING HAMILTON is free today for Kindle.

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