Thursday, January 25, 2018

DEADLY KISS by Bob Bickford--one kiss, so many shattered lives.

My agent Donna Eastman asked me to write a blurb for a manuscript she'd asked me to read last year, titled DEADLY KISS. The novel has been published with Black Opal Books.

I asked the author Bob Bickford for another copy, since I read so many books--I have a hard time remembering what's in my own books!--I needed to read it again. It started coming back to me, bit by bit, as I read each scene...then I remembered how much I enjoyed it. But this time around, it went beyond was an emotionally gut wrenching experience. I picked up on things I didn't seem to have noticed the first time around. That's why I always recommend re-reading a favorite book, as soon as a year later, or as much as decades later. We get so much more out of it because of what we bring to it. I'd like to share the blurb and the tagline I wrote:

A dying father and his son attempt to reconcile as the ghosts of a long-ago tragedy haunt the living, then reunite in peace in the afterlife.

Mike Latta has a difficult, distant relationship with his father Sam. On a rare visit to Mikes island cabin in Canada, Sam uncharacteristically opens up and begins to tell his son about a tragedy of sixty-plus years ago that haunts and scars him to this day. Before he can finish sharing his story, looking out at the water, he dies. Mike goes back home to Georgia to seek the truth behind this long-ago tragedy with only his late fathers sketchy details-a horrific murder of a little black boy for something he didn't even do--kiss that started a string of revenge killings as ghosts linger...spanning the decades between post-WW2 Georgia and present-day Canada, DEADLY KISS takes us on the journeys of people who took grudges to their graves, as Mike makes peace with his father and puts his troubled soul to rest.

I read this book twice, and seemed to have gotten a lot more out of it this time. It goes really deep and is very thought-provoking. A great read, and worthy of much success.


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