Wednesday, June 7, 2017


In the June Romance Writers of America magazine, my fellow author Mindy Klasky wrote her article "Reformation of a Former Non-Twitter User" about a formula she created to build her Twitter footprint and let us all in on it. One discovery led to another, and it's opened up a new world to me!
Starting with #BOOKQW, I joined Mindy's group that Tweets about a word she chooses every Wednesday (today the word is 'short'). She announces the word, we find that word in one of our books, and Tweet a quote from one of our books using that word.

I checked out some of the Tweets from past Wednesdays, and saw that they all contained fabulous graphics. I asked her and my web designer how to create those graphics, and they both replied instantly, suggesting I try Canva. I signed up, started playing around with the graphics, and already created several for my books. If you've used desktop publishing, it's easy to navigate.

For today's word, 'short', I had a hunch that word was in my Prohibition novel BOOTLEG BROADWAY. I don't know why, it was just one of those guesses that sometimes yields gold, and this sure did! The word 'short' was in the very beginning, and I used that bit of dialogue in a graphic I created and Tweeted today.

It all came together like the pieces of a puzzle!

Check it out on Twitter, too!

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