Thursday, February 2, 2017

Meet My Author Friend, Lawrence W. Gold, M.D., and Read About OUT OF DARKNESS

My friend Larry has been my blog guest many times. We met through our agent Donna Eastman many years ago, and I've become a huge fan of his medical thrillers. OUT OF DARKNESS is based on horrific events in real life. I read it last year and gave it a well-deserved 5-star review on Amazon. Not to sound cliche, but I had trouble putting it down. It's hard to believe this actually goes on in the world. Read on!


The idea for OUT OF DARKNESS came from two sources: the fact that human trafficking has become the fastest growing criminal enterprise in the 21st century, ranking second after drug smuggling and my wife’s participation in Good Woman’s International, an organization dedicated to fighting against trafficking and supporting its victims.

In my novels I’ve created many characters, some admirable, others despicable. Getting into the heads of these characters isn’t always easy, but we can all identify with elements of these personalities, even ones far removed from our own experience.

Getting into the mind of a teenage girl sold into sexual slavery by her own mother felt like a journey too far for me. Fortunately, many girls and young women have shared their experiences in writing, through testimonials, or in video form. I thank them for opening my mind to the true horror of human trafficking.

While the novel has received the highest reviews I’ve received for my work, sales have been slow. Perhaps it’s the subject material or my inadequate promotional efforts, but although the subject material may be difficult, the story is ultimately optimistic and inspirational.

            From a 5-Star review:5.0 out of 5 starsGreat book!  October 12, 2016

From Sex slave to president of medical services, and from Cyndee Lee to Cynthia Lange is the story of the horrors a person can endure and still maintain integrity and character. I am ready for the next book by Dr. Gold.

From My 5-Star Review...Dr. Gold Tackles a Difficult Issue and Strikes a Chord…

I’ve been a fan of Dr. Gold’s novels for several years, and have read most of his Brier Hospital series (I’m getting there!) I said this a while ago—he’s up there in Robin Cook’s league. Although Dr. Gold is retired from the medical profession, he will always be a doctor at heart, as well as a gifted storyteller, so the nonmedical reader can understand what goes on behind the scenes that we never see or hear about. With OUT OF DARKNESS, he tackles a serious and heartbreaking issue, makes us understand the horror and gravity of it, and at the same time, we can actually enjoy reading this story (no, you don’t have to consider it a guilty pleasure), because Dr. Gold makes it entertaining as well as informative. 

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