Thursday, January 19, 2017

I'm Hooked on Yoga--and Feel Fabulous!

I've taken many yoga classes in the last few decades--even 'chocolate yoga' in which you put a cocoa bean under your tongue before doing your poses--disappointing, I'd hoped it involved a few pounds of Godivas or a few dozen Lindt truffles. But what really sold me was my personal trainer, or more specifically, her arms. I asked her how many pounds she was currently lifting, and she replied, "It's from yoga." Zowee!!!!! (she's also a yoga instructor at the gym I belong to).
I went straight to Amazon and sifted through the gazillion yoga DVDs for sale, and settled on Meaghan Kennedy Townsend's "Element Targeted Toning Yoga" which includes three 20-minute sessions, each concentrating on different areas: Thighs and Glutes, Arms and Shoulders, and Abs and Core. The poses aren't that hard to do, and I like that I can split it up or do all three in one session.

Now I practice yoga at least three times a week and have added it to my regular workout routine. I still can't find that elusive body/spirit connection, but I'm so happy with the results: I feel more agile, toned and calm, my breathing more even and deeper.

I never thought yoga was a good way to tone up or lose weight, and in the classes I'd taken a lot of the poses are uncomfortable, and my back just won't do some of them. But I slowly got hooked.

I strongly recommend you give it a try!

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