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My Eggcerpt Exchange Guest is Paranormal, Mystery, Suspense and Romance Author Kim Cox

Kim writes Paranormal, Mystery, Suspense and Romance. She lives in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina with her chain saw artist husband, their West Highland White Terriers--Scooter and Harley, and a Yorkie mix, Candi. Kim is published in novels, short stories and articles. 


Book One – Lana Malloy Paranormal Mystery Series

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Will Lana Malloy solve the twenty-year-old double murder of her great aunt and her great aunt’s fiancĂ© by Memorial Day? If she can, they’ll spend eternity together; if she can’t, they’ll be stuck as Haunted Hearts for another year.

Available now in print and electronic formats through Amazon Kindle, Amazon Print, 24SymbolsBarnes & Noble Nook, iTunes iBook, Kobo, and Page Foundry.
Lana edged Roxie toward the door. “Oh, no, that’s not necessary. The button just fell off and rolled under something. I can turn it off as soon as I find the knob. Or if I can’t, I’ll just use some pliers to turn it off. But thank you for the offer. That was nice of you. I appreciate it.”
Lucy put her finger in her mouth and pretended to gag—something she’d learned recently and overused.
Lana pursed her lips and creased her brows, giving Lucy a quelling stare. When they got to the door, Roxie turned around. “I almost forgot. Can I get that coffee now?”
“Yes. It completely slipped my mind, too. Follow me.” Lana turned to go upstairs to the kitchen.
“I’ll wait here,” Roxie said, backing up closer to the side door.

* * * * *

Lucy watched as Roxie slipped over to Lana’s desk and skimmed over the papers stacked there.
Oh, busybody! Lucy hated nosy people more than anything.
Roxie turned the corner of a sheet up with two fingers and leaned over slightly, tilting her head to one side so she could see what was written on the paper under it.
Lucy noticed one drawer wasn’t completely closed on the file cabinet. She flew over and pushed it with all her might. The drawer slammed shut with a loud bang.
Roxie jumped, her eyes wide as she searched the room for the source of the noise. Lucy whooshed by her so fast, the breeze lifted one of the curlers from Roxie’s head. Then, she hurried over, opened and slammed another drawer.
At this, Roxie ran for the door. “Oh, God! Let me out of here,” she cried as she struggled with the knob.
Lana returned with the cup of coffee grounds in her hand. “What in this world? Roxie! Here’s your coffee.”
Without a word, Roxie reached for the cup with one hand and grasped the doorknob with the other.
Lana gave Lucy another narrow-eyed stare. “Here, let me help you with that.”
Lucy shrugged her shoulders. Could she help it if the woman couldn’t handle loud noises? It wasn’t her fault. The old biddy shouldn’t have been snooping.
Roxie’s teeth chattered. The cream on her face now appeared dry and cracked. “What do you have here? Ghosts? Poltergeists?”
“Well, I never. Can you believe she called me a poltergeist? The nerve of that idiot woman.”
Lucy clasped her hand over her mouth when she realized Lana had said her name aloud without thinking. As Roxie struggled, Lana was able to open the door for her but only after she pried Roxie’s hands off the knob.
Available now in print and electronic formats through Amazon Kindle, Amazon Print, 24SymbolsBarnes & Noble Nook, iTunes iBook, Kobo, and Page Foundry.

Other Books Available in the Series

In book two, GET OUT OR DIE, the success of Lana’s first case has spread throughout the local Charleston area and her business is booming. At one pro-bono job, Lana helps a widow communicate with her late husband where she learns of a frightening new ability—an ability that could give the next spirit, an angry ghost, the upper hand if she’s not careful.

 In book three, THE WEDDING CRASHER, Lana is on her honeymoon in Gatlinburg, Tennessee when she learns that a reoccurring vision about an abducted woman took place in nearby Knoxville. This case takes her hiking up mountainsides and trekking through rough terrain to find a madman before he can harm this young woman.

In the fourth book, CHRISTMAS CRUISE, Lana boards a cruise ship haunted by dead women who were brutally murdered. While aboard the ship Lana has an experience that mentally injures her. Once she recovers, she's more determined than ever to find the murderer.

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