Tuesday, August 11, 2009

A BLOODY GOOD REVIEW - 4 Stars from Romantic Times!

From Romantic Times:
**** HOT

Don’t expect typical fang-sprouting bloodsuckers on this cruise. These vampires are Roman Catholic and they love garlic. An animated cast of characters populates a story that’s seductive and comical. It’s fun, frantic and fabulous. Board The Romanza and set sail on a high-seas adventure that promises a bloody good time.
Romance writer Mona Rossi needs to pump up sales, so she organizes a luxury cruise for authors. Her main squeeze, Fausto Silvius, signs on as the ship’s doctor and hopes to make Mona his wife. Nights of passion are one thing but Mona isn’t ready to become one of the undead. Then Fausto’s ex Lucrezia Borgia shows up, claiming their divorce wasn’t legal and he needs to return to Italy with her. She’s not the only one after Fausto. A lunatic extremist group called the Vampire Ball Busters is stalking him. If anything else goes wrong, Mona may have to jump ship. – Gail Pruszkowski

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